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ROC was created to serve business owners, IT professionals, financial executives, and managers/assistants who are spending too much time trying to troubleshoot their IT problems and not enough time working on what really matters—building a business and serving customers and clients. Here’s how ROC can help each of these groups of people with their IT needs so they can get down to business.

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Business Owners

Ryan Ousey Owner of ROC Business Technologies

Why you would work with ROC - SERVICES

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. The last thing you need is to answer IT questions from your staff or try to fix a system that is continually crashing. With ROC’s proactive services, you can concentrate on building your business and serving your clients, all while having peace of mind that your IT needs are taken care of by the pros.

IT Professionals

Support solo IT departments

Do you have your own in-house IT professional or team? ROC can partner with them to be a resource, answering questions and providing expertise and service out of their wheelhouse. We free up your IT professionals so they can more time to provide the daily support your team needs.

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Financial Executives

Flat rate cost

The financial executives in your business have enough on their plate and don’t need the added stress of handling IT issues. ROC can help support your financial execs by being a resource for them whenever they have a question or issue. We can also be proactive to help you create an IT framework that supports your business goals.

Managers & Assistants

Allowing people to do their job.

ROC is all about helping your key managers and executives free themselves from time-consuming IT concerns so they can focus on helping your business grow. We can help these groups develop standard operating procedures, manage company
passwords, and ensure your system is secure and facilitating your flow of business.

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